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Before You Print . . . Check With Us!

WE CARE about what matters to you. When your printing does what you want it to, that’s great! — for you and for us. We may be able to SAVE you some money. We aren’t always the cheapest — we certainly aren’t the most expensive — but our philosophy is to find the most reasonable way to produce the quality you need.

WE CAN HANDLE a wide variety of printing jobs, from small to large. If by chance you bring something to us we can’t handle, we’ll tell you — and try to suggest how you can get your work done.

WE’RE GLAD when you come to us the first time. We’re even “gladder” when you come back again! It’s important to us to take care of you so you’ll feel comfortable with us anytime you have printing needs.

Photo of building locationJELLISON PRESS has been serving the Sandhills for well OVER 80 YEARS. We’ve made many friends in that time and hope to add you to their number. YOU’LL FIND US at 160 Pinehurst Ave., Suite I, Southern Pines, NC near Comfort Studio. Stop by or call . . .